Hello visitors. Noriko is committed to supporting you during these challenging times by offering services online and phone sessions to individuals, couples, families, and parents/ caregivers. Noriko will ensure that she remains available to the Montreal and Québec's community and will continue to provide mental health services during quarantine. Lean more about the latest information and resources,

contact at norikoarttherapy@gmail.com. 

Stay well.

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Couple & Family/



Offering counselling for all ages of individuals including children, adolescents, adults, and older adults as well as couple & family therapy, and family dyad (caregiver & child) therapy sessions.  

Noriko has been working with individuals, couples and families as well as family dyads from various cultural backgrounds.


Noriko works with you to explore creative expressions so that you can find self-awareness to expand your ability to process emotions. This process facilitates integration and self-acceptance in order for you to move into growth and improve well-being emotionally and physically.


is a treatment modality that was designed by psychologist, Dr. Francine Shapiro to treat symptoms of PTSD, an anxiety disorder characterized by symptoms of re-experiencing the trauma (e.g. flashbacks, nightmares), emotional numbing, and avoidance. 


Providing Tele-health  sessions for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults. 


*What  is "Tele-health"? 

Health services via online (computer/ smartphones) & phone. Telemedicine or Online Therapy is sometimes used as a synonym

Please call or email for more information and availability. 


Art Therapy/ Mindfulness Programs

Mindfulness Creative Expression Workshops, and Art Therapy Programs are offered in Noriko's offices, corporations, or community organisations. Take a look at the section under "Latest News" on this website for the updated information. Please call or email for more details and to learn about upcoming programs. 

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